What is Round function of XQuery

In this article we will discuss about what is the use of Round function of XQuery.
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Round of function round of the value to the nearest integer. It removes the fractional part of the given number by rounding of to the nearest integer. Suppose if we have .5 or any other greater digit then the round function will round up to the greater whole number otherwise it will rounded down the value. The syntax of using Round function in XQuery is as follows.

fn:round ( $arg as numeric?) as numeric?

In this syntax $arg is the name of the argument which will be of any numeric type and as numeric? is the return type of this function.

Here is the Example and Output of this function to explain it.

XQuery ound Function example Output
round(7)    7
round(7.1)    7
round(7.5)    8
round(-7.5)    -7
round(-7.51)    -8

In the example it is clear that the round function is rounding up the given values accordingly.

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