What is SharePoint

In this article I will give you a brief description on SharePoint 2010.
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  • It is a web product of Microsoft which is used in the Companies to manage their data which is in the form of documents, emails, contacts, etc.
  • It is a repository for all users in the Enterprise to retrieve required information.
  • It is a software product witch is first about sharing information and secondly about finding and collaborating on information at a specific place.
  • It provides fast, anytime interactive access to libraries and lists on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010.
  • It also provides options for creating Groove peer workspaces and Shared Folder workspaces.
  • It comes with native Web CMS functionality. Regardless of how we use SharePoint, we will likely use some of this functionality, at least for internal collaboration websites.
  • It provide first-class platform that will enable you to build and deploy a wide array of solutions, as well as take advantage of the build-and-publish model that SharePoint users and developers have come to enjoy.
  • It offers such a wide array of features that it is challenging for any one person to claim to be an expert across all of the SharePoint workloads.
  • It is a software from Microsoft designed to make publishing on the web as easy as using Word, Excel, Access + PowerPoint.

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