What is the XSL-FO Flow in XML

In this article I will define XSL-FO Flow in XML
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XSL-FO Flow in XML

  • XSL-FO Flow pages are filled with data from <fo:flow> elements.

  • XSL-FO Flow pages are filled with content from the <fo:flow> element.

  • XSL-FO Flow allow <fo:flow> element contains all the elements to be printed to the page.

  • When the page is full, the same page master will be and over again until all the text is printed.

  • Flow-name defines the region of the page that will display the data and is an attribute to the flow element.

XSL-FO Flow-name attribute defines where the content will go and it has 5 values:

  • xsl-region-body

  • xsl-region-before

  • xsl-region-after

  • xsl-region-start

  • xsl-region-end

The <fo:flow> contains block-level formatting objects:

  • <fo:block>

  • <fo:block-container>

  • <fo:table-and-caption>

  • <fo:table>

  • <fo:list-block>

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