What is the XSL-FO In XML

In this article I will Explain what is the XSL-FO In XML
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The Part of the XSL language

The full XSL language logically consists of three component languages

  1. XPath: XML Path Language is an expression language used by XSLT to access or refer specific parts of an XML document
  2. XSLT: XSL Transformations is a language for describing how to transform one XML document into another.
  3. XSL-FO: XSL-FO is a language for formatting XML documents and Formatting Properties.

XSL-FO Introducation

  • XSL-FO is Extensible Stylesheet Language-Formatting Objects.

  • XSL-FO focuses on style that works for both screen and print, such as PDF files.

  • XSL-FO allows you to create pages that look fantastic on any screen.

  • XSL-FO is a way to make print directly from XML data

  • XSL-FO is another language for formatting XML data

  • XSL-FO is a page description language.

  • XSL-FO described in a W3C recommendation called XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language)

  • XSL-FO is also part of the XSL family

  • There is no difference between XSL-FO and XSL.

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