What is theme fonts in PowerPoint 2010

In this article I have described about the way to use fontas in theme in PowerPoint 2010.
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Theme Fonts in PowerPoint 2010

  • As we know that theme simplify the process of creating professional designer-looking presentations.
  • Hence theme fonts play a key role for an interactive presentation in PowerPoint 2010.
  • Basically Office theme defines two fonts — one for headings and  another for body text.
  • PowerPoint uses these fonts to construct automatic text styles.
  • We can use theme fonts by click on Design tab and then click on fonts as follow


  • By changing theme fonts in PowerPoint we can update our all of the title and bullet text in presentation.
  • PowerPoint 2010 provides a wide range of theme fonts as follow


  • We can also create the new theme font as follow


  • When we move the cursor in built in theme font dialog box the selected font theme is shown in current slide.


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