What is Upper-Case function of XQuery

In this article we will discuss about what is upper-case function of XQuery.
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There are various kinds of Built-in-functions of XQuery and one of which is upper-case() function. This function takes the argument as the string data type and convert the lowercase letters into uppercase letters means this function is used to convert any kind of string into upper case letters.

fn:upper-case($arg as xs:string?) as xs:string

In the above syntax The $arg is the name of the argument passed to the upper-case function and this argument is of string data type.

The example of this function is as follows.

XQuery Upper case output
upper-case('god')    GOD
upper-case('God')    GOD
upper-case('GOD')    GOD
upper-case('god-123')    GOD-123

In the above output it is clear that the upper-case() function is converting any kind of string into uppercase letter.

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