What is use of xsl:text element in XSLT

In this article, we are describing xsl:text element.
  • 2003
The xsl:text element generates text in the output. It may contain #PCDATA, literal text, and entity references. It support to IE 5.0 and FF 1.0 but it is not supported to Netscape 6.

Syntax of xsl:text element


  disable-output-escaping = "yes"|"no">

  <!-- Templete-->


It has one attribute-
  • disable-output-escaping

    In the disable-output-escaping attribute, "Yes" indicates that special characters and his output is "is" and "no" indicates that special characters and his output is "&gt".

Example of xsl:text element

<xsl:template match = "/">



      <title>Authors and Their Books</title>



      <intro>Books in stock are listed here.</intro>

      <xsl:text>List of books</xsl:text>




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