What is Word 2010

In this article I am describing about word 2010.
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What is Word?

Microsoft word 2010 is word-processing program, it used to create professional-quality documents. with great documented-formatting tools. For help of word you can organize and write your documents very efficiently.

It is also include most powerful editing and revising tools that is why you can collaborate with other easily.

Find and apply a template

In word 2010 have the several type of built-in templates, to choose your own custom templates according to need, and you can also search variety of templates from Office.com. Office.com provides us wide selection of most useful word templates, example basic resumes, agendasbudget, award certificate, business card , letter and etc.

Note: To use these template in Microsoft word 2010, do the below mention following steps.

  1. First go on the File tab
  2. Click New.
  3. Under Available Templates, select one of them
  • For implement one of the built-in templates, click on Sample Templates, then select one template and click on Create.
  • For reuse a template that you have used, click on Recent Templates, then select one template and click on Create.
  • For create your own template, click My Templates, then select one template and click OK.
  • You can find also template on Office.com, under Office.com Templates, then select template category within category select template that you want to download from Office.com.

Note: you can also find templates on Office.com from within word.

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