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The DOM or  (Document object model ) is a cross-language Application programming interface (API) from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for access the information and manipulation or modification XML Document. mainly DOM implement on the presents an XML document in from of tree structure. It gives access to the structure which provide well-know interface.

Programming Interface

The Document object model work as set of node objects. These nodes can be access with the programming language like JavaScript or other programming language.

Properties: It is always referred to as something that is ( i.e. nodename is "note").

Method: It is always referred to as something that is done (i.e. delete "note").

XML DOM Properties

Some important type DOM properties.

  • a.nodeName - This is name of a
  • a.nodeValue - This is value of a
  • a.parentNode -This is parent node of a
  • a.childNodes -This is child nodes of a
  • a.attributes - This is attributes nodes of a

Note: In the above declared list x is the node object..

XML DOM Methods

  • a.getElementsByTagName(name) - All element get with a specific tag name
  • a.appendChild(node) -Child node insert to a
  • a.removeChild(node) - Child node remove from a

Note: The above declared list x is the node object.

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