What is XML DOM Node Tree

In this articles i am going to explain about how to use XML DOM node tree.
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What is XML DOM node

  • The Node object is the basic data type of Document Object Model and the entire document is a document node.
  • An element node is use XML DOM node
  • Text node is also use the text in XML DOM.
  • Any child node is not all node types.
  • Any attributes node is a attribute in XML DOM.
  • Comments node is also comment in DOM.

 XML DOM Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>


    <book category="cooking">

        <title lang="en">Everyday Indian</title>






    <book category="children">

        <title lang="en">Harry Potter</title>

        <author>J K. Rowling</author>





    <book category="web">

        <title lang="en">XQuery</title>

        <author>Vaidyanathan Nagarajan</author>





    <book category="web" cover="paperback">

        <title lang="en">Learning XML</title>

        <author>Erik T. Ray</author>






What is XML DOM node tree

XML tree is define in this example:

  • The XML DOM is create the XML node tree structure. The node tree have a hierarchical relationship to each other.
  • <book> is a root node, it is define on the top of a program.
  • Every child node have one parent node, and a root node have many children node.
  • In this example the children node is <title>, <author>, <year>, <price>.
  • The leaf node is define on child node.
  • These node are created a relationship in another node.
  • Every same level children node are (brother and sister). 

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