What is XPath Terminology in XML

In this article I will explain the basic concept of XPath in Xml.
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In XPath their are many types of nodes,like element node, attribute node, root node,document nodes etc.In this article I will explain these node and also the concept of atomic values.Xml documents are treated as a trees of node,and the topmost element of the tree is known as root element.Lets us take an example of an Xml document.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>




  <address street="12">Delhi</address>




Now In the above example the meaning of each node is as


Root Node : <student> is the root element of the document.

Element Node: In the above example <name> XYZ </name> is the element node.

Attribute Node: street="12" is the attribute node.

Document Node: Document node is the combination of all the nodes that are used in the document.


Atomic Values

Atomic values are nodes with no children or parent. For example

  • XYZ

  • "12"

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