Why we need XML

In this article I have described about the need of XML application with the help of XML features.
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As we know that

XML was designed to transport and store data while HTML was designed to display data . Therefore it has a tremendous use in web application .

XML concentrates on the structure of the document, and this makes it independent of the delivery medium.

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Therefore, it is possible to edit and maintain documents in XML and automatically publish them on different media . The ability to target multiple media is becoming increasingly important because many publications are available online and in print.

What made XML necessary?

Two aspects of Web evolution demanded a technology beyond HTML.

A. Internationalized electronic publishing

  • Platform-independent

  • Language-independent

  • Media-independent

B. New data-centric Web applications

  • Database exchange

  • Distribution of processing to clients

  • Client-side manipulation of views into the data

  • Customization of information by intelligent agents

  • Management of document

What does XML provide

XML provides key features needed for a new generation of Web applications:

  1.  Extensibility : Users can define new tags as needed

  2.  Structure : Hierarchical data can be modeled to any level of complexity.

  3.  Validation : Data can be checked for structural correctness.

  4.  Media independence : The same content can be published in multiple media.

For all these reasons, it makes sense to maintain a common version of the documentation in a media-independent format, such as XML, and to automatically convert it into publishing formats such as HTML, PostScript, PDF, RTF, and more.

Of course, the more media we need to support and the larger the document, the more important it is that publishing be automated.

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