Winpop Command In Windows Server 2008

In this article I am going to explain about Winpop Command in Windows Server 2008 operating system and also explain it's related syntax.
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In this we can send and receive text messages and alerts from the server and it included in Windows Server 2003.


winpop [add {DomainName | [email protected] [/createuserPassword]}] [delete {DomainName | [email protected] [/deleteuser]}]
[list [DomainName]]
[lock {DomainName | [email protected]}]
[unlock {DomainName | [email protected]}]
[stat [DomainName]]
[[email protected]]
[[email protected] [/user:UserName]]
[[email protected]]


 Parameter  Description
 add {DomainName| [email protected] [/createuserPassword}  It is used for creates a new domain or mailbox.
 delete {DomainName| [email protected] [/deleteuser}  It is used for deletes an existing domain or mailbox.
list [DomainName] It show lists all POP3 service domains or, if the domain value is specified, all the mailboxes in the domain.
lock {DomainName| UserName@DomainName} It is used for locks a domain or a mailbox.
unlock {DomainName| UserName@DomainName} It is used for unlock a previously locked domain and all mailboxes in the domain or a single mailbox.
stat [DomainName] It displays server statistics: total number of mailboxes, total disk usage, total number of stored e-mail, the lock/unlock status of the domains, and the total number of domains.
changepwd [email protected] NewPassword
It changes the password of the mailbox's user account.
Createquotafile [email protected] [/user:UserName] It creates a quota file for the user specified.
migrateToAD [email protected] It migrates an encrypted password file authentication user account, including its password, to an Active Directory user account.
Help In this we displays help for winpop on screen.

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