How to use date in PHP

In this article I am going to explain about use of date function in PHP.
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PHP Date() function

The php date function allow programmer or developers to manipulate date in easy way.

Syntax of PHP date function


Parameters in date function

  • format

    The format of the outputted date string.

  • timestamp

    It is an optional parameter in date function and its specifies a timestamp.

Format of the date function

There are following format of date function

Format character Description
d Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zero.(01 to 31)
m Numeric representation of a month,with leading zero (01 to 12)
Y A full numeric representation of a year,4 digit (four digit)

Example of date function





echo date("Y/m/d") . "<br />";

echo date("Y.m.d") . "<br />";

echo date("Y-m-d");




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