How to use GregorianToJd in PHP Calendar

In this article I am going to explain about Gregorian function in PHP.
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PHP Calendar GregorianToJd() Function

The calendar GregorianToJd function converts a Gregorian date to a Julian day count.

Syntax of  GregorianToJd function

gregoriantojd(month, day, year)

Parameters in GregorianToJd function

It have three parameters and all parameters is required:

Parameter Description
month It specified month.
day It specified the day.
year It specified year.

Example of Calendar GregorianToJd function




$jd = GregorianToJD(12, 30, 2010);

echo ($jd."<br/>");

$gregorian = JDToGregorian($jd);

echo "$gregorian\n";






GregorianToJd() Function.jpg

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