How to use Number object in JavaScript

In this article I am going to explain about Number object in JavaScript.
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JavaScript Number object

In JavaScript Number object use to converts the object argument in a number that represents the object's . If the value can not be converted to a legal number then its will display NaN. There are several properties and that use in Number object.

Number object properties

  • Constructor - Its return by which create the Number object prototype.
  • MAX VALUE - Its return largest number possible in JavaScript.
  • MIN VALUE - Its return smallest number possible in JavaScript.
  • NEGATIVE INFINITY - Represents negative infinity
  • POSITIVE INFINITY - Represents infinity
  • Prototype - Add properties and method to object.

Number object method

  • toExponential() - Its convert number in exponential notation.
  • toFixed() - Formats a number with x numbers of digits after the decimal point
  • toprecication() - Formats a number to x length
  • toString() - Convert number in string format.
  • valueOff() - Returns the primitive value of a Number object




    <script type="text/javascript">

        function Myfun() {

            var str1 = new Boolean(true);

            var str2 = new Boolean(false);

            var str3 = new Date();

            var str4 = new String("299");

            var str5 = new String("896 54667");


            document.write(Number(str1) + "<br />");

            document.write(Number(str2) + "<br />");

            document.write(Number(str3) + "<br />");

            document.write(Number(str4) + "<br />");

            document.write(Number(str5) + "<br />");






    <button onclick="Myfun()">







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