How to use strptime in PHP

This article describe about strptime() Function in PHP.
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strptime() Function

strftime() generated date/time parse by strptime() function.

Note: Parsed date return by this function in the array. meaning of return array key.

  • [tm_mday] - day of the month (1-31)
  • [tm_mon] - months since January (0-11)
  • [tm_year] - years since 1900
  • [tm_sec] - seconds (0-61)
  • [tm_min] - minutes (0-59)
  • [tm_hour] - hour (0-23)
  • [tm_wday] - days since Sunday (0-6)
  • [tm_yday] - days since January 1 (0-365)
  • [unparsed] - the date part which was not identify using the specified format, if any


strptime(date, format)




$format= '%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S';
$strf1 = strftime($format);
echo "$strf1";
print_r(strptime($strf1, $format));




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