ListView In .NET

In this news, I am going to explain about ListView in .NET
  • 2005

ListView is an important feature of .NET framework. It provide some more functionality as compare to GriedView like data grouping, flexible layout and insert. It is used to display a collection of items. Using ListView you can display a list of items with item text and, optionally, an icon to identify the type of item. 

Functionality provided by ListView

  • Paging
  • Data Grouping
  • Provide Flexible Layout
  • Update,Delete
  • Insert
  • Sorting

The methods of the ListView class are listed here.

  • ArrangeIcons
  • BeginInvoke
  • BeginUpdate
  • BringToFront
  • Clear
  • Contains
  • CreateControl
  • CreateGraphics
  • CreateObjRef
  • Dispose
  • DoDragDrop

The properties of the ListView class are listed here.

  • AccessibilityObject
  • AccessibleDefaultActionDescription
  • AccessibleDescription
  • AccessibleName
  • AccessibleRole

The events of the ListView class are listed here.

  • AfterLabelEdit
  • BackColorChanged
  • BeforeLabelEdit
  • BindingContextChanged
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