Windows Store App samples

Windows Store App samples
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Metro Style App samples
  1. Windows 8 Consumer Preview Metro style app samples - C#, VB.NET, C++, JavaScript
  2. Splash screen sample
  3. File access sample
  4. Access and save files using a sample
  5. DirectX marble maze game sample
  6. App tiles and badges sample
  7. Background task sample
  8. Application data sample
  9. XAML FlipView control sample
  10. XAML data binding sample
  11. Search sample
  12. Geolocation sample
  13. XAML GridView grouping and SemanticZoom sample
  14. Media capture using webcam sample
  15. Toast notifications sample
  16. Context Menu sample
  17. DirectX 3D shooting game sample (XAML)
  18. XAML ListView and GridView essentials sample
  19. PhotoSky - SkyDrive Sample
  20. XAML media player sample
  21. Blend for Visual Studio memory game sample project
  22. Application resources and localization sample
  23. XAML essential controls sample
  24. Metro style device app for camera sample
  25. Push and periodic notifications client-side sample
  26. Sharing content target app sample
  27. Stocks Sample
  28. App settings sample
  29. XAML images sample
  30. Stream Socket sample
  31. Web authentication broker sample
  32. Association launching sample
  33. XAML controls sample pack
  34. XAML AppBar control sample
  35. Accelerometer sensor sample
  36. Proximity sample
  37. Bing Maps SDK for Metro style apps (Beta) Samples
  38. Sharing content source app sample
  39. XAML ListView and GridView customizing interactivity sample
  40. Network information sample
  41. HttpClient sample
  42. Message dialog sample
  43. Removable storage sample
  44. Thread pool sample
  45. Lock screen apps sample
  46. Printer extension app sample
  47. Snap sample
  48. XAML animation library sample
  49. XAML user input events sample
  50. Secondary tiles sample
  51. Custom driver access sample
  52. XAML user and custom controls sample
  53. Media extensions sample
  54. Media Play To sample
  55. Skypad - SkyDrive Sample
  56. Connecting with WebSockets sample
  57. Scheduled notifications sample
  58. Windows Runtime XML data API sample
  59. Background transfer download sample
  60. Device enumeration sample
  61.  XAML personality animations sample
  62. XAML vector-based drawing sample
  63. Provide files and a save location through a sample
  64. App activation and suspension sample
  65. XAML media playback sample
  66. SMS message send, receive, and SIM management sample
  67. Enumerate files and folders in a location sample
  68. UI contrast and settings sample
  69. Mobile broadband account provisioning sample
  70. Eyes for Windows 8
  71. Raw notifications sample
  72. Syndication sample
  73. Metro style banking app with strong authentication sample
  74. Scaling according to DPI sample
  75. XAML WebView control sample
  76. Mobile broadband account and device management sample
  77. Integrating content and controls from web services sample
  78. CameraCaptureUI Sample
  79. Print sample
  80. App package information sample
  81. Clipboard app sample
  82. StorageDataSource and GetVirtualizedFilesVector sample
  83. XAML scrolling, panning, and zooming sample
  84. Wi-Fi hotspot authentication sample
  85. Bing Maps LocationTracking Sample
  86. Edge gesture invocation sample
  87. Real-time communication sample
  88. ControlChannelTrigger TCP socket sample
  89. Playlist sample
  90. Bing Maps trip optimizer sample
  91. Credential picker sample
  92. Bluetooth call control sample
  93. Input: Device capabilities sample
  94. OrientationSensor sample
  95. Responding to the appearance of the on-screen keyboard sample
  96. Compass sensor sample
  97. XAML ListView sample pack
  98. LightSensor sample
  99. CryptoWinRT sample
  100. CameraOptionsUI Sample
  101. Retrieve thumbnails for files and folders sample
  102. Touch keyboard sample
  103. Gyrometer sensor sample
  104. Query files in a location with sample
  105. XAML two-dimensional transforms sample
  106. Media Server client sample
  107. Simple imaging sample
  108. Device auto rotation preferences sample
  109. XAML text sample
  110. SimpleOrientationSensor sample
  111. Input: ink sample
  112. Input: Simplified ink sample
  113. Account picture name sample
  114. Animation metrics sample
  115. AtomPub sample
  116. UI Automation core window provider sample
  117. Inclinometer sensor sample
  118. Using a Blob to save and load content sample
  119. Language font mapping sample
  120. Calendar details and math sample
  121. SMS background task sample
  122. Navigation and navigation history sample
  123. User domain name sample
  124. XAML accessibility sample
  125. Credential locker sample
  126. Portable device API sample
  127. Bluetooth LE Metro app sample
  128. Trial app and in-app purchase sample
  129. PlayReady support in Windows Metro Style applications
  130. App activation sample
  131. Display power state sample
  132. Globalization preferences sample
  133. Certificate enrollment sample
  134. Personalization app sample
  135. Contact Picker app sample
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