How Many Types of Cursor in SQL

In this article I am going to explain how many types of cursor in SQL.
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A cursor is a database object that points to a result set. We use cursor to fetch any specific row from result set. Most of time cursor is used by application programmer.

Implementation of cursor in SQL

  • We can implement cursor through standard database APIs.
  • We can implement cursor through Transact-SQL

SQL Statement used in cursor

  • DECLARE : It is used to define a new cursor.
  • OPEN : It is used to open a cursor
  • FETCH : It is used to retrieve a row from a cursor.
  • CLOSE : It is used to close a cursor.
  • DEALLOCATE : It is used to delete a cursor and releases all resources used by cursor.

There are four type of cursor

  • Dynamic cursor
  • Keyset cursor
  • Static cursor
  • Forward-only cursor

Dynamic Cursor

Dynamic cursor is scrollable and sensitive to database changes.


Keyset_cursor is scrollable and sensitive to database changes for update and delete but not for insertion.

Static cursor

Static cursor is scrollable but not sensitive to database changes.


Forward_only is not scrollable but sensitive to database changes.

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