How to Connect to IBM DB2 .NET Provider and IBM OLE DB Provider

This article deals with connection string related to IBM DB2 .NET Provider and IBM OLE DB Provider.
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Standard for IBM DB2 .NET Provider

DB2 is database software by IBM which provides numerous features such as Self-Tuning Memory Manager. So employees give less time in administering the system and thus can utilize this time in other beneficial activities. The advantage of DB2 .NET Provider is that it is low cost as it allows compression of data and hence a large amount of data can be stored.

DataSource=SpecifiedServerAddress;UserID=Username;Password=user_Password; DataCompression=True;

Standard for IBM OLE DB Provider

IBM OLE DB Provider uses OLE DB driver (referred as IBMDA400 in the given connection string ). To use it in your program use the following connection string.

Provider=IBMDA400;Data Source=SYSTEM_NAME;User Id=Username;Password=user_Password;

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