How To Work With IBM Informix ODBC Driver

This article gives the information about working with connection strings in IBM Informix ODBC Driver.
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Basic Syntax For Using IBM Informix ODBC Driver

IBM Informix ODBC Driver implements the Microsoft ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) Version 3.0 standard. To apply the functionality of ODBC Driver use the following connection string.

Dsn='';Driver={INFORMIX 3.30 32 BIT};Host=name_of_host;Server=Address_of_server;Service=name_of_service;Protocol=tcp;Database=user_DataBase;Uid=Username_of_user;Pwd=Password_of_user;

Calling ODBC Driver

The string given below is used for calling ODBC driver so that its functionalities could be used. So to call the ODBC driver use the following string.

Driver={Informix-CLI 2.5 (32 Bit)};Server=Address_of_server;Database=User_DataBase_Name;Uid=Username_of_user;Pwd=Password_of_user;
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