TNS and Security in Oracle

This article deals with TNS and integrated security in database as Oracle is one of th most powerful database and hence security one of the major parameters to be taken care of.
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TNS In Oracle

Using TNS in orcale is very beneficial. TNS also known as The Connect Descriptor is used for connecting to the database service like protocol, port, host etc by defining the parameters needed by the Oracle. So in order to implement TNS use the following command.

Data Source=TCP;User Id=Username;Password=User_Password;

NOTE: TNS coomand should be written using single quotes or in a single line.

Integrated Security In Oracle

Undoubtedly Oracle provides a sense of security by introducing the system of password and username. But still it does not not completely ensures 100% security of data. So in order to provide a better mechanism which could provide a better security is integrated security. It is basically another type of a database connection which ensures a trusted and efficient connection between the desktop and the server. So in order to implement integrated security in the oracle use the following command.

Data Source=TCP;Integrated Security=SSPI;
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