How to Work With Array.Clone Method in C#

In this article I am going to explain that how to create Clone Method in Array.
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C# provide a inbuilt function Array.Clone() which are used to Create a shallow copy of the Array. Clone will copy the structure of a data A shallow copy of an Array copies only the elements of the Array but it does not copy the objects. If array is a reference type array, then it does not copy the objects referenced by the elements.

using System.Collections.Generic;


namespace demo_array


    public class class1 {

    public static void Main() {

        CEmp[] salespeople =

                {new CEmp("Bob"),

                 new CEmp("Ted"),

                 new CEmp("Sally")};


        Employee[] employees =



        foreach (Employee person in

                employees) {







public class Employee {

    public Employee(string name) {

        m_Name = name;



    public virtual void Pay() {

        Console.WriteLine("Paying {0}", m_Name);



    private string m_Name;



public class CEmp: Employee


    public CEmp(string name) :





    public override void Pay()



        Console.WriteLine("Paying commissions");





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