How to Work with Temporary Table in Transact-SQL

In this article I am going to explain about how to work with temporary table in Transact-SQL.
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Transact-SQL (T-SQL) is Structured Query Language and it is Microsoft's and Sybase's proprietary. Transact-SQL is originally developed by IBM for querying, altering and defining relational database. Transact SQL is also known as T-SQL. T-SQL supports many feature like variables, loops, conditions  and exceptions.  

Temporary Table

Temporary table exists only during the current database session. Tempdb in system database is used to store temporary database. There are two type of temporary table

  • Global temporary table
  • Local temporary table

The name of local temporary table start with sign # and name of global temporary table start with sign ##.


SELECT TOP 1 vendorid,SUM(invoicetotal)

AS inv_sum

INTO #ven_info

FROM dbo.mcninvoices

GROUP BY vendorid


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