Introduction to ArrayList

In this article I will explain what is arraylist and how can we use it in c#.
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In c# we can use arraylist with the help of System.Collections Namespace. The problem that we face in array is that the size of the array is fixed and we can not add the item in the beyond the specified dimension. To overcome this problem the .net framework provides us a concept of arraylist in c#.We can dynamically add the elements in the arraylist, insert item in the arraylist,check the existence of the element in the arraylist,remove the element from the arraylist,perform sorting in arraylist and many more operation we can perform in arraylist with the help of methods and properties that the system.collections namespace gives us. Now lets see how can we use the arraylist in c#.

namespace ArrayList1


    class Program


        static void Main(string[] args)


            ArrayList ar = new ArrayList();




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