Benefit of Ajax in PHP

In this article I am going to explain Benefit of Ajax in PHP.
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Advantages of the AJAX technology

  • In this technology no need to pushing on a submit button and reloading of a complete Website are needed.
  • The speed for the users are more e?cient.
  • A service can be adopted on a persons need and gain more information if the users decides for a certain step.
  • AJAX is not a general solution for all Web development problems, but it can be used
     in a very needful and actual way creating a user friendly application.
  • On the developer's side it is possible to create database connections or script executions
    during interacting with users.

Disadvantages of the AJAX technology

  • AJAX is a very new combination of old technologies, no one can be sure if it is only a marketing hype now or if it will really be established in some years. So there are no   best practices.
  • There are a lot of applications which use it, but perhaps a better technology can challenge it.
  • One big problem is the compatibility.
  • There are some problems with Microsoft Internet Explorer, which can be avoided with a little bit of programming but some IT-technicians beware of that.
  • Another point is that JavaScript can be switched o? in browsers, because of security reasons.
  • Without the support of JavaScript no event handling and server connections onthe client side are possible.
  • No back button in AJAX applications is available.
  • Because of the asynchronous generated code the browser has no former page in the cache and cannot reload it exactly.

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