How to create SQLXML Connection String in .NET Framework for OLEDB Provider

In this article, I will explain How to create SQLXML OLEDB Provider in .NET Framework
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QLXML OLEDB Provider in .NET Framework


  • SQLXMLOLEDB Provider is an OLE DB provider.

  • SQLXMLOLEDB Provider exposes Microsoft SQLXML functionality through ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).

  • SQLXML OLEDB Provider provided by Microsoft.

  • SQLXML OLEDB is contained in the Sqlxml3.dll.

  • SQLXML OLEDB restricted the data provider to SQLOLEDB only.

To create SQLXMLOLEDB connection string in .NET framework. we need to put provider, your server address, your database, Initial catalog,  your user name and password.


Provider=SQLXMLOLEDB.3.0;Data Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=UrServerAddress;Initial Catalog=UrDataBase;User Id=UrUsername;Password=UrPassword;

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