How to use Microsoft OLEDB

This article describes how users can use Microsoft OLEDB.
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Introduction :

Microsoft OLEDB is a set of OLE\COM interfaces that provide application with uniform access to data stored in diverse information sources. The OLEDB architechture defines OLEDB consumers and OLEDB providers. An OLEDB consumer is any system\application that uses OLEDB interfaces, an OLEDB provider is a component that exposes OLEDB interfaces.

User can connect it with datasource either by TCP/IP connection or APPC connection

Syntax :

Provider=DB2OLEDB;Network Transport Library=TCPIP;Network;Initial Catalog=catalog_name;Package Collection=package_name;Default Schema=schema_name;User Id=user_name;Password=password


Provider=DB2OLEDB;APPC Local LU Alias=alias_name;APPC Remote LU Alias=remote_alias;Initial Catalog=catalog_name;Package Collection=package_name;Default Schema=schema_name;User Id=user_name;Password=password;

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