How to create SVG in XML

In this article I have described about which browsers support SVG, Adobe SVG viewer and how to crate.
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Viewing SVG Files in XML

The following browsers which support SVG file

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Internet Explorer 6.0

  • Google Chrome

  • Opera

Define by Adobe SVG viewer in XML

Adobe SVG viewer

  • Adobe SVG viewer is provided by Adobe to fix a potential security risk on windows of Adobe version 3.03.
  • SVG allow users to avoid the ActiveX security warning in Window XP security pack 2.
  • Adobe SVG viewer 3.03 includes the Adobe SVG viewer 3.02.

How to create a SVG File?

  • SVG is easiest way to buy Adobe illustrator cs2 to draw icons.

  • We can download a free editor named inkscape.

  • We have to use the SVG tools to convert the icon.

  • SVG works well with inkscape generated SVG image.

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