Introduction of SVG in XML

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Define by SVG

  • SVG is a short format scalable vector Graphics.

  • SVG is a Graphic format in which the shapes are specified in XML.

  • SVG image up and down in size without loss of quality.

  • SVG is only for 2-dimensional vector graphics. For a 3-dimensional format lookup X3D.

  • SVG is not ideal for bitmap graphics like photos, movie etc.

  • SVG is rather easy to generate from within a Servlet, JSP,ASP.NET, PHP or other web application technology.

Advantages of SVG

  • SVG is Test based: When you use a graphics editor to produce an image, the program takes a picture of your completed artwork.

  • SVG is vector technology: Vector images are a combination of lines. This is one reason that SVG is scalable. Vector graphics exist in the world of mathematics. To change the size, you change the numbers.

  • Written in Xml: Defines graphics in XML format.

  • Searchable Search engines can index SVG graphics according to what the diagram contains, (such as "image of red circle").

  • SVG is easily edited: This is probably the biggest advantage. When you take a picture of a square, it is what it is. To make a change, you have to reset the scene and take a new picture.

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