How to use Adaptive Server Anywhere OLEDB Provider

This article explains how ASA OLEDB provider is used to connect with the database
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Introduction to Adaptive Server Anywhere :

Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) can communicate with other Adaptive Servers, Open Server applications, and client software on the network. Clients can talk to one or more servers, and servers can communicate with other servers via remote procedure calls. In order for products to interact with one another, each needs to know where the others reside on the network. This network service information is stored in the interfaces file.

Syntax :

Provider=ASAProv;Data Source=asa_name;

Connection string which can be used to connect to a server located on the other side of the router


Note : Links=tcpip(Host=server_name) is used to avoid error "Server could not be found" which can be arise at the time of connection.

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