How to use subsequence operation in Function on sequence Using XPath in Xml

In this article I will explain subsequence operation of function on sequence.
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The subsequence operation of Function on sequence can be used to return the subsequence from the given sequence from a specified position and the value where to exit that subsequence.


subsequence ((item,item,item,item), starts, len)

In the above syntax the first argument is the list of items that shows the sequence ,the second argument is the position specified by starts means where the subsequence can starts and the third argument specifies the length of the subsequence means when to exit that subsequence. Now in short the second argument starts the subsequence and continues until the third argument that is length of the subsequence. 


subsequence (("Name","Address","Contact","Email"), 2 ,3)
subsequence (("Name","Address","Contact","Email"), 2 )
subsequence (("Name","Address","Contact","Email"), 2 ,2)



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