How to use window object opener in JavaScript

In this article i will go to explain about window object opener property
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Opener  property in JavaScript window object

JavaScript opener property specifies the window of calling document. It returns a reference of the window that created the window.

Syntax of opener property


Browser support

The opener   property is supported in all major browser.

Example of opener property

<!DOCTYPE html>



<script type="text/javascript">

    function OpenWindow() {

        myWindow ='', '', 'width=200,height=100');

        myWindow.document.write("<p>This is 'MyWindow'</p>");


        myWindow.opener.document.write("<p>It is the source window.</p>");





<input type="button" value="Open 'MyWindow'" onclick="OpenWindow()" />




Before clicking the button output is:

before clicking opener button.jpg

After  clicking the button output is:

after clicking opener window.jpg

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