Lambda expression in VB.NET

Here, we will see that how query operators accept a lambda expression as an argument.
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Lambda expression

A lambda expression can contain expressions and statements, and can be used to create delegates or expression tree types.

Lambda expression Syntax

The lambda expression has the following basic form.

The lambda expression in C#     y => y * y

The lambda expression in visual basic Function(y) y * y

All lambda expressions use the lambda operator =>, which is read as "goes to". 

The left side of the lambda operator specifies the input parameters (if any) and the right side holds the expression or statement block.

For example

The above example defines the where where query operator which has the following Lambda expression  Function(n) n.Length >= 5 as an argument.

Module Module1

    Sub Main()

Dim names As String() = {"Rohatash", "Monu", "Ajay", "Vijay", "Ram", "Hari", "vikash", "Ram", "Vijay", "Rohatash"}

        Dim filteredNames As IEnumerable(Of String) = System.Linq.Enumerable.Where(names, Function(n) n.Length >= 5)

        For Each n As String In filteredNames



    End Sub

End Module




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