XSLT List Elements in XML

In this article you will learn XSLT List Elements in XML.
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The list of  XSLT elements are given below .

Element Descripition

The xsl:attribute element is used to add an attribute value to an xsl:element element or general formatting element or say creates an attribute node and attaches it to an output element.
xsl:attribute-set It is used to defines a named collection/set of attributes.
xsl:call It is used to invoke a named templete.
xsl:choose Choose element is used to choose one of a number of alternative outputs.
xsl:comment Generates a comment in the output.
xsl:copy It is used for the current xml node in the source documents to be copied to the output.
xsl:copy-of Inserts subtrees and result tree fragments into the result tree,basically it copies of the value of the expression in the mandatory select attribute to the result tree
xsl:decimal-format Declares a decimal-format, which controls the interpretation of a format pattern used by the format-number function.
xsl:element The xsl:element element is used to create and name an element (node) that can appear in the output.
xsl:fallback It is used to define recovery action to be taken when an instruction element is used in the stylesheet and no implementation of that element is available.
xsl:for-each Applies a template repeatedly, applying it in turn to each node in a set.
xsl:if The xsl:if element is used for conditional processing. It takes a mandatory test attribute, whose value is a boolean expression. The contents of the xsl:if element are expanded only of the expression is true.
xsl:text Generates text in the output

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