Add a Connector between two Shapes in Visio 2010

In this article I will explain step by step process to Add a connector between two shapes.
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First Process

  1. Drag a first shape onto the drawing page.
  2. Hold your Mouse pointer over the shape that is already on the page. Notice that small blue arrows appear on the four sides of the shape. These are Auto Connect arrows that you can use to connect shapes.
  1. Move the pointer to cover one of the arrows.
  1. Then Click one of the shapes in the mini toolbar to add it to the page.

    Shape with AutoConnect arrows

Second Process
  Automatically connect two shapes when you drag the second shape onto the page

  1. In first step Drag one shape onto the drawing page.
  2. After that Drag a second shape onto the drawing page and hold it so it covers the first shape, but do not drop it yet. Consider that the Auto Connect arrows appear.
  1. Al last Move the second shape down over the Auto Connect arrow that points in the direction that you want, and drop it on the arrow.

    Connect shapes by dropping one on another's AutoConnect arrow

Third Process

       Connect two shapes that are already on the page

  1. Hold the pointer over one of the shapes that you want to connect.
  2. When the Auto Connect arrows appear, move the pointer over an arrow that is pointing toward the other shape that you want to connect to.
  3. Click and hold the Auto Connect arrow, and then drag a connector from it to the center of the other shape.

    Two connected shapes

When the arrow is over the center of the other shape, a red border appears around the shape. Drop the connector to attach it, or "glue" it, to the shape.

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