Define XSL-FO Areas in XML

In this article i will explain what is the XSL-FO Areas In XML
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XSL-FO Areas

  • XSL formatting model defines a number of rectangular boxes uses areas to display output.

  • All output (text, pictures, etc.) will be formatted into these boxes and then displayed or printed to a target media.

XSL-FO areas divided into following part.

  • Pages

  • Regions

  • Block areas

  • Line areas

  • Inline areas

XSL-FO Pages

  • XSL-FO output is formatted into pages.

  • In XSL-FO Page Printed output will normally go into many separate pages.

  • XSL-FO has static content  for headers and footers name the region they will go to page.

  • XSL-FO Page allow primary stream of content for goes from page to page.

  • XSL-FO Page allow contains block-level formatting objects.

XSL-FO Regions

  • XSL-FO Regions contain region-body (the body of the page)

  • XSL-FO Regions contain region-before (the header of the page)

  • XSL-FO Regions contain region-after (the footer of the page)

  • XSL-FO Regions contain region-start (the left sidebar)

  • XSL-FO Regions contain region-end (the right sidebar)

XSL-FO Block Areas

  • XSL-FO Block areas define small block elements (the ones that normally starts with a new line) like paragraphs, tables and lists.

  • XSL-FO Block areas can contain other Block areas, but most often they contain Line areas.

  • XSL-FO Block areas are blocks that allow you to segment data within each region.

  • XSL-FO Block areas uses this concept to divide up regions into workable block of data.

  • In XSL-FO Block areas the top section has the name of the paper in large font.

  • In XSL-FO Block areas the bottom a volume number, date and possibly a tag line.

  • In XSL-FO Block areas the footer section contains information about the company that produces the journal, such as company name and personal key.

XSL-FO Line Areas

  • XSL-FO Line areas separate two paragraph and define text lines inside Block areas.

  • XSL-FO Line areas also contain Inline areas.

XSL-FO Inline Areas

  • XSL-FO Inline areas has no particular effect on the layout of the page.

  • XSL-FO Inline areas is a container that groups inline objects together.

  • XSL-FO Inline areas cannot contain block-level elements.

  • XSL-FO Inline areas define text inside Lines (bullets, single character, graphics, and more).

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