How to use Lexuna DBexpress

This article explains syntax used for using Lexuna DBexpress.
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Lexuna Db express is a driver that is being used in IBM Informix. It is responsible for the excellent performance and consists of  many advanced features. Provides a large set of advanced features. It has a very high future prospects as it can be used in place of  ADO and BDE.

InformixServer=SpecifiedServerAddress;Client_Locale=en_us.8859-1;Fet_Buf_Size=34567;OptOFC=1;AutoCommit=True;BlobSize=-1;WaitOnLocks=False;CommitRetain=False;IsolationLevel=ReadCommitted;Trim Char=False;money=currency;decimal=bcd;int8=fmtbcd;lvarchar=string;
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