How to use Text XML Editor in XML

In this example I will explain that how to use Text XML Editor in XML
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Text XML Editor

  • Text XML Editor is any word processing program that you can use to type and edit text.

  • Text XML Editors is that they present exactly the information that is stored in the XML file.

  • Text XML Editor is the best way to control the formatting of the file

  • Text XML Editor do low-level operations

  • Text XML Editor can be edit XML files without any schema or configuration file.

  • Text XML Editor dispensed with Windows operating systems, notepad. 

  • Text XML Editor show text view in color coded and use bold shapes to identify the elements

  • Text XML Editor can actually write HTML code and create HTML pages.

  • Text XML Editors generally provide features dealing with working with element tags.

  • Syntax highlighting is a basic standard of any XML editor; that is, they color element text differently from regular text.

  • Displaying line number is also a common and useful feature,

Here is an example of edition in a text editor























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