Define WYSIWYG XML Editors In XML

In this article i will explain WYSIWYG XML Editors in XML
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  • WYSIWYG XML Editor is an acronym for "what you see is what you get"

  • WYSIWYG XML Editor allows a document author to edit an XML document by interacting with a feedback text, generated by the editor

  • WYSIWYG XML Editor are also known as semantical editors.

  • WYSIWYG XML Editor accurately displays the information that is trying to be conveyed rather that the actual formatting

  • Butterfly XML is a powerful WYSIWYM editor

  • WYSIWYG XML Editor is represented tags by some form of graphical viewing rather than bare XML code.

  • WYSIWYG XML Editor is like as CSS stylesheet application. but it's depending on the transformation from XML into the end result.

  • WYSIWYG XML Editor support CSS but not XSLT, because XSLT transformations can be very complex

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