Introduction of XML Editor

In this article i will describe the XML Editor.
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XML Editors

XML editors will help you to write error-free XML documents, validate your XML against a DTD( Document Type Defination) or a schema. The XML Editor is based on the Microsoft Visual Studio Text Editor and includes additional support for the XML languages. The XML Editor includes the following features:

  • XML editors provide easier support for editing XML documents with features.

  • In XML Editor, add closing tags to your opening tags automatically.

  • XML 1.0 syntax checking.

  • XML Editor force you to write valid XML.

  • XML Editor verified  XML against a DTD( Document Type Defination).

  • XML Editor verified  XML against a Schema

  • XML Editor converted a DTD or XML-Data Reduced (XDR) schema into an XML Schema.

  • XML Editor define color code XML syntax

The XML Editor is invoked for well-known file extensions, such as .xml, .xsd, .xsl, and .config.

Why an XML Editor

  1. XML Editor checked for XML well-formedness

  2. XML Editor check for validity against several kinds of XML grammars (DTD, Relax NG, XML Schema)

  3. XML Editor is highlight errors.

  4. XML Editor suggest available XML tags

  5. XML Editor included support for XSLT and XQuery.

Type Of XML Editor

Mainly there are following type XML Editor

  • Text Editor
  • Tree-Based Editor
  • WYSIWYG Editor

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