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In this article I explain the<applet>tag ,which is used for embedding a Java applet within an HTML document.
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The HTML applet tag is used for embedding a Java applet within an HTML document.The <applet> tag defines an embedded applet.

Some of the attributes of <applet> tag are

Attributes Description
code Specifies the file name of a Java applet
object Specifies a reference to a serialized representation of an applet
align Specifies the alignment of an applet according to surrounding elements
alt Specifies an alternate text for an applet
achieve Specifies the location of an archive file
codebase Specifies a relative base URL for applets specified in the code attribute
height Specifies the height of an applet
hspace Defines the horizontal spacing around an applet
name Defines the name for an applet (to use in scripts)
vspace Defines the vertical spacing around an applet
width Specifies the width of an applet

The next lines shows how can we add the applet tag






    <applet code="Bubbles.class" width="350" height="350">

        Java applet that draws animated bubbles.





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