<area> Tag in HTML 5

In this article I am going to explain about area tag in HTML 5
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<area> Tag in HTML 5 is used to define an area in an image map. Image maps are images with clickable areas that are used to open other link or web page. <area< tag always used inside the <map> tag in HTML 5. <area> tag also support global attribute and event attribute. 

Browser Support by <area> tag

The <area> tag is supported in internet explorer, mozilla firefox, Google chrome, opera and safari browsers.

Lets take an example of <area> tag

web.html web page



<title> This is my web page </title>





            Click on "I" to say thank you to God:</p>

        <img src="1.jpg" width="145" height="126" alt="Planets" usemap="#thanks" />


    <map name="thanks">

        <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,82,126" href="sun.html" />

        <area shape="circle" coords="90,58,3" href="sun.html" />

        <area shape="circle" coords="124,58,8" href="sun.html" />




sun.html web page



    <img src="2.jpg" width="400" height="400" border="0" alt="Mueller Hut, Mount Cook, and I"

        usemap="#muellermap" />






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