<bdo> tag in HTML 5

In this article I am going to explain about <bdo> tag in HTML 5.
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<bdo> tag in HTML5 is used to reverse or set the direction of text. Using <bdo> tag in HTML5 we can set the direction of text to left to right or right to left.

Declaration Syntax <bdo> tag

<bdo dir="value">Expression </bdo>

Browser Support by <base> tag

The <base> tag is supported in internet explorer, mozilla firefox, Google chrome, opera and safari browsers.

Attributes of <base>tag

Attributes Value Description
dir ltr
Required. Specifies the text direction of the text inside the <bdo> element

Lets take an example of <base> tag

    <title>This is my first web page</title>
        This line will go left-to-right. </br> </br> <bdo dir="rtl">This Line will go right-to-left.</bdo>
        </br> </br> <bdo dir="rtl">.tfel-ot-thgir og lliw eniL sihT </bdo>




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