<track> Tag in HTML 5

In this article I am going to tell about <track> Tag in HTML 5.
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<track> Tag is introduced in HTML 5. It specifies text track of media elements i.e.(<audio> and <video>). It is used to specify subtitle of the track, caption files, that should be visible when the media is playing.


<video src="/C:\Users\User\Downloads\Srimannarayaneeyam37Dasakamtelugu.ogv" width="350" height="180" controls>
       <track src="Srimannarayaneeyam37Dasakamtelugu_en.vtt" kind="subtitles" srclang="en" label="English">
       <track src="Srimannarayaneeyam37Dasakamtelugu_hi.vtt" kind="subtitles" srclang="hi" label="Hindi">
       <p>If you are reading this, it is because your browser does not support the HTML5 video  element. </p>



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