What is Building Block in XML

This topic teach you what are main Building Block in XML
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XML Building  Block

Building block means which all element or part  that make a xml document .

These element are

  •  Element
  • Attributes
  • Entities


Element is one of main building block  of xml language and HTML language also.

Example of HTML element are " body" and "table ".

And example of xml elements "note" and "message". one element can contain text , of  other elements, or be empty also .

Example of empty Html element are " hr" and "br".


<body>my first text in body part </body>

<message>my first text in message element </message>


Attributes makes more powerful to the element . because it is placed inside in element for this attributes capability of element get enhance.

It is always come in name and its value in a pair.


< img src="mycomputer.jpg"  />


Some character  work like a keyword that has a special meaning in xml. like the less than (<)  it is define the opening tag in xml .


PCDATA stands for parsed character data.

character data are written in between the start tag and the end tag of an XML element.

PCDATA is the text that is parsed by the parser. text  checked by the parser in for entities and markup. which all text written inside in the xml tag treated like a markup. parsed character data should not contain any contain any special character like & ,>,< etc.


CD DATA is also special type of  text in xml. that is not parsed by the parser. the text that is written inside the tag not treated  like a markup.

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