What Is Microsoft InfoPath 2010

In this article I am going to explain what is InfoPath 2010.
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What is InfoPath 2010 ?

If we are a new InfoPath user, then Microsoft InfoPath 2010 helps you to design rich from solution. Its provide a simple or easily workflow for build and start a new form and improve a design and layout. Microsoft Office InfoPath is a software application for distributing, designing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. Its helps to create attractive and effective forms, which then helps make it easier for people to fill out the forms. SharePoint also integrates more deeply within InfoPath 2010, and its controls for browser forms. InfoPath 2010 auto-generates simple forms from SharePoint lists and other data sources, its provide design tools, page and section layout style and quick rules logic tools. Microsoft initially released a new version that divided into two parts- InfoPath Designer 2010 is used to create forms and define data structures, and InfoPath Filler 2010 is used to fill out and submit forms.


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