Risk Factor in SharePoint

In this article i will describe number of risk involved in workspace which is solved by sharepoint 2010.
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These are the risk solved by SharePoint

  1. In this no proper protocol to send information from one department to other.
  2. In this no proper repository maintained to keep all these important documents.
  3. In this no versioning of the document maintained, so it has become very difficult to track the modifications being done in the document.
  4. There is also a risk of losing information.

Example –

Suppose the document's is stored on user's local machine and the computer crashes, then there is a big risk of losing important data .

SharePoint is used for:

  1. Document Management
  2. Content Management
  3. Versioning of documents
  4. Maintaining back up of all the data even if the local system gets crashed.
  5. Mostly used at the enterprise level to maintain information for the employees.

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