What are different types of elements in HTML

In this atricle we have discuss about the HTML elements.
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Elements are the fundamentals of the HTML document.  An HTML element starts with start tag/opening tag and ends with end tag/closing tag. HTML tags are the basic element of it. There are two types of Element in HTML.

  1. Container element.
  2. Empty element.
Container elements are those elements which contains the end tag at the end.

Empty elements are those elements which does not contain any end tag.

There are four basic tags or element in HTML. They are as follows:

Tags Explanation
<html>........</html> This indicates that the html documents is starting. It is the top most element of the html document which come first. It is the example of container tag.
<body>........</body> Between these tag content of the web page come. It is also the example of the container tag.
<Title>.........</Title> This is for giving the title of the web page. This is optional tag. This comes under head tag.
<Head>........</Head> This is for giving the heading of the Web page.

There are some additional tags in it.

Tags Explanation
<p>......</p> This is a paragraph tag. It indicates the paragraph of the contents of the web page.
<a>.......</a> This the anchor tag and it is used to make the hyperlink that is used to navigate from one page to another.
<font>......</font> This is used to change the color, size of the content of the web page.
<I>............</I> This is used to provide the italic style on the content. Any content of the web page come under this becomes italic.
<u>..........</u> It indicates that the any content come under this will be underlined.
<b>..........</b> It indicates the the any content come under this will be bold.
<image>.....</image> It is used for giving the image in html document.
<br>..........</br> It works like enter key available on the keyboard. It brings the cursor to the next line.
<hr>..............</hr>    This stands for horizontal tag.It is used to draw the horizontal line in the html document.
<blockquote>...........</blockquote> This is like the paragraph tag. This is used to make paragraph but in center alignment.

HTML is not case sensitive language. It means if we will use <P> in place of <p> then there will not be difference. Means in it we can use upper case tags as well as lower case tags.

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